When I was growing up in Houston, my mother owned a showroom at the Decorative Center. I would spend hours after school and long summer days there poring over art, accessories, and picture frames, interacting with the designers and the architects who would visit, and taking breaks to pop into other showrooms and soak up their beauty. Two cities, three children, four houses (and multiple remodels) later, I found myself returning to the very thing I was passionate about at an early age.

Call it it extreme, but when I help someone pull together a look, a feel, a style for a room that truly reflects them, creating a place they can lovingly and confidently call home, it makes me feel alive.


A masters in counseling and time spent working with families, together with raising three children of my own, has taught me a sense of patience, collaboration, and listening. This is invaluable when helping someone create a space they love and of which they feel proud. My desire is not for someone to say, “decorate my whole house for me.” It is for us to sit down and go deep into discussing what a house means to them. I look at design as a very collaborative process. In my eyes, this is a crucial component, as ultimately this will be the place in which you live and love for years.